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Step One: Build Your Website

If you are about to start your online business, then one of the first things which are to be considered is how effectively and quickly you can promote it. When we say “Online Business”, it's directly related to the website creation. Before anyone gets started on their new website they need to make sure they know what tools they are going to use to create and manage their new website.

If you have sufficient funds and can afford to spend thousands of dollars to hire the services of professional web development companies, then you are prompted to do so. In today's time, these types of websites can be very costly and expensive to maintain. For this reason alone it's very important to find a cost-effective place to start your new site and Free websites are always good.

There can be numerous steps to create a website and here we have mentioned the 3 most important ones.

1. Selection and purchase of the domain name

2. Choosing a web hosting provider

3. Getting the best website building software

A domain is the main thing which is the identity of your website. For this reason, it should be short, catchy and easy to remember. You must also take into account the specialization of your business. It's also super important to take into consideration the website hosting platform you'll be using.

In order to create start a website creation, you have three options:

1. Make a website using your programming and coding skills


2. Hiring professional Web Development Company


3. Choosing Free Website Creator Software

Since this post is on “How to Get a Website for Free”, the 1st and 3rd options are more relevant to subject matter. If you have the required programming knowledge and skills, then it would be the best option. However, if you don’t possess requisite coding skills, choosing 3rd option would be beneficial. You can look around and easily find numerous website builders on the internet which are absolutely free. These platforms will allow you to create quality & professional websites with already designed templates/themes.

After choosing the relevant template, you can also make some modifications in the look & feel of your website without having any technical knowledge. You can easily change the color schemes and fonts of the content. These website builders also have a community section where you can post your questions or issues so as to get answers or solutions from experts.

Top 10 Free Website Builders

Find the top 10 free website builders which can be used for creating a website and have great reviews.

1. Site Rubix

2. Weebly

3. WordPress

4. Yola

5. Blinkweb


7. Webstarts

8. Jigsy

9. Doodlekit

10. Wix

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